Today, in your daily GODFREY GAO, I bring you one my favorite, of all his bromances (and he has some good ones!), him and SUNNY WANG. «They are both on the Lovelife Taiwan charity basketball team» (July 2013)

**shudders at the high level of sexy**

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Godfrey Gao

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Godfrey Gao | Never give up, Dodo [5]

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If time could start over, would you be with me again?

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Never Give Up, Dodo EPISODE 3 ENG SUBS

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Godfrey Gao | Never give up, Dodo [3]

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Godfrey Gao for Men’s Folio September 2013

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Godfrey Gao as Li Zhen: 'Hello gorgeous' Episode [7]

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